Make Your Living Room Fashionable And Enjoy A Cozy Space

Large living spaces are considered ideal to entertain and relax with friends and family. However, those who have small spaces tend to come up with ideas that allow them to make their living area spacious. There is a drawback of widening and open spaces that they can start looking impersonal and cold very soon. If you are fortunate to have big living space, it can be made to look cozy and welcoming with some decorating ideas.

Rich and warm colors tend to make spaces feel inviting and more intimate. You can achieve that effect in the living area of your apartments near uptown Dallas if you go with deeper shades of mango, apricot, burgundy and amber. Sample paint jars can be used for testing the color in a small portion of the room and then you can choose a color that finally suits the space.

When you select the accessories and furniture, try to add some contrast by using complementary hues with warmer tones. Though it is a good option to use shades that are closely related when looking to expand the space, coming up with some contrast in big space minimize the scale. You can effectively make use of white and black for grounding the colors whereas warmer hues such as gold and paprika are the ideal choices in this regard. Accent colors should be repeated all through the room in window treatments, curtain panels, throws, pillows, lamps accessories and wall art.

Continue warmer palette in the wall décor. Wall art made of metal can be a source of adding dimension and contrast and will offer you a great opportunity of displaying splashes of the accent colors. If you want to make your living spaces of Uptown Dallas apartments more traditional, choose wall art that has classic motifs. The impressive definition can be given to those empty walls just by hanging wall art in wrought iron. In the rooms that have high ceilings, rectangular or semi-circular wall art in wrought iron can be used for accenting bare space present above the windows and entries.

One can naturally feel overwhelmed by big expansive space which is unbroken and continuous. Zones can be created in the big living areas by delineating entertainment areas, conversation areas, etc.

You can make use of area rugs for defining spaces. Go for patterned rugs which pull together all the color choices made by you. Rugs should be used for anchoring space and arranging furniture items around a certain perimeter.

Furniture can also be pulled in towards room’s center. You can define a space and create your conversation space over an area rug. Place furniture in a way that conversations can take place easily.

Chairs and a table can be used at another end of living space, and you can anchor it using an area rug to support casual dining, impromptu gatherings or playing games all within the living space of your Dallas apartments.