Decorating Small Living Areas To Create Visual Spaciousness

If you have a smaller living room, you’d like to make sure that it appears spacious and open. Well, it can be accomplished easily. By making right choices in color, pattern and furniture, one can be able to create a living space which appears and feels lot bigger compared to what it may be.

When it comes to decorating, you can trick your eyes in many ways and the living space of your apartments near Uptown Dallas will become almost double than its actual size. Here are some ideas that will allow you to add space in your living area and make it lot more appealing at the same time.

Almost everybody knows that the lighter shades tend to make rooms look more spacious whereas darker colors seem heavy, and they usually close in the rooms. But it does not mean that you should use those boring cream or off-white colors on the walls of your apartment. Soft and light shades of green, yellow, or any other pale tone are going to work great. Darker colors can be added in smaller splashes while accessories can be used for adding interest and depth to space.

You can use vertical striped pattern on one of the walls of your apartments in Dallas for accomplishing this. If possible, you can even paint these stripes on your own. Alternately, wallpaper having striped pattern can be used. It is also a good idea to hang some pictures as well as other items of wall décor somewhat higher than normal. You can also use crown molding in white color at the top of walls where the ceiling meets it as doing so will take the eyes in the upwards direction for sure.

If the room offers lots of artificial or natural light, it appears bigger compared to the one which is gloomy and dark. If there are so many windows, make sure to use curtains, blinds or any other kind of window treatments which let lots of light to go through. If you do not want to take that route, you can make use of track lighting, floor lamps or table lamps for adding more light to your living space.

In smaller rooms, it is a great idea to make use of furniture items which are scaled down as well as sleek rather than using bulky, heavy items. Try to avoid the complex patterns as well which tend to be busy and loud. Keep things simple and add some interest with fabrics and textures.

Use these ideas in the living space of your Dallas apartments to make the living space beautiful, welcoming and more spacious than ever. It’s amazing to find out what can be accomplished with the help of appropriate colors, light, and patterns. Keep things light, bright, uncluttered and airy and you’ll simply achieve your end goal.